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It Never Hurts to Buy YouTube Views

The act of buying YouTube views may seem dubious, but it can definitely help fresh YouTube accounts get noticed. In fact, the benefits of the practice are enough to make most new YouTubers use these marketing services.

And research shows almost every major YouTube star has paid for views at some point. All those trending videos, those famous streamers, the stars that make it to conventions? They probably paid for views.

But just what is so great about paying for views that has everyone clamoring for these services? Can the benefits be that impactful?

buy YouTube views

Starting Out Is Easier

New YouTube accounts have a long journey ahead of them. YouTubers have to put out high quality content that will surely go unnoticed for a while. Every video will gain minimal traction, which means it takes months, or even years, before a channel really racks in the numbers.

And all that valuable content that got minimal traction? Well, it basically goes to waste. No one really pays attention to it.

But if you buy YouTube views, you can gain traction regardless of how new your account is. Every video will get however many views you want, which will in turn command the attention of organic views, likes and subscribers. No more wasting effort and time on videos that won’t trend.

You’ll Never Stop Growing

The thing about people is that they get distracted easily. One day they might be all about your YouTube channel, but the very next day they’ll have moved onto someone else’s. That means having enough momentum in the beginning is only part of the picture. Over time, subscribers will go inactive, so it’s critical that you never stop growing.

There are two ways you can grow continuously: organic and paid.

With organic growth YouTubers are expected to produce plenty of high quality material in the hopes of landing views. There is no guarantee, just the expectation that enough content will generate interest.

But by paying for views, you’re essentially beating the system. You’ll always have traction, guaranteed. And upon seeing the traction on your videos, unpaid views will roll in as well. This will ensure your channel grows, regardless of inactive subscribers.

Social Proof Equals Viral

Here’s another thing about people: they want to watch videos that have been watched by thousands, or millions of other people. Any time a video with four views appears on a search, it goes completely unnoticed.

Why? Because people associate that with mediocre videos that don’t have the content or quality necessary to command people’s attention. It is a red flag, announcing just how new to the platform you really are.

When you pay for views, you’re essentially avoiding the problem altogether, especially if you pay for a hefty amount of views, like 1 million. Upon seeing the number, unpaid users get intrigued and view your video to stay in the loop. They want to watch what’s trending.

And this is how videos go viral!