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Quick Summary On How To Cook Quinoa

Follow a few quick quinoa cooking instructions online and you are almost there. While learning how to cook quinoa you will also be able to learn how to cook it perfectly. You can do this because the instructions are very easy to follow.

Just follow these easy to follow and step by step instructions and you are guaranteed to get the best out of the results. Doing this will lead to you making your first bowl of quinoa quite perfectly. You begin the cooking process by measuring out some dry quinoa. For this you will need a stainless steel measuring cup. After the measuring is done, you will now need to rinse the quinoa quite thoroughly. This is easy to do once you have your fine mesh sieve in place.

Whoa! Not so quick, but you are almost there. Note that you will be using just two cups of water for each cup of quinoa you will be making. Unless you are cooking for a larger than average family, you will only need one cup of quinoa. Once you have added your quinoa and water to the cooking pot, you will cover the pot and bring the mixture to a boiling point. When it begins to boil, turn down the heat and allow your quinoa to simmer for a bit.

how to cook quinoa

Not for long, mind you. Almost done. You will only need to simmer the heated quinoa for about twenty minutes. It should not boil over if you turn your nob down to its lowest heating point. It could be ready before you know it and one sure fire way to tell that this is the case is to note just how clear the wholegrain goes when it is cooked. Now, if your quinoa turns out all tender like (that should not be happening since it is so easy to cook after all), you will notice that there may be extra water in the base of your pot.

All water will evaporate soon enough just as long as you leave the lid of your pot off. Now, when that is done, place the lid back onto the pot and just let your quinoa sit for no more than five minutes.